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NYC Crazy Stories

I’ve always believed in the old saying that we must live life to the fullest. I am here to do just that. NYC Crazy Stories serves as a vessel to share my wacky, but real, NYC stories where NYers can identify with and non NYers will see what REALLY happens in NYC. Crazy, funny, odd and overall hopefully entertaining as well.  

My name is KATHLEEN....

I first came to NYC in 1991, moved to PA for a bit in 2009, and moved back in 2021. All in, 20 years in this crazy city. During my tenure here, I have amassed some interesting stories and observations. Someone outside NYC once said to me  "no one really believes your stories". Well, if you spend ANYTIME in NYC you would know they are all real. Fortunately or unfortunately. I don't need to make this stuff up. So sit back and enjoy!

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Breaking down the stories....

Mostly my stories or observations fall into a few categories which I have titled 

to make your reading more efficient.  The latest or newest posts will be first but scroll to see them all. (I hope) Oh, and I might throw in a photo now and then too!

1. I'm Walkin Here- Observations on my daily walks 

2. Oh Waiter- stories from my time as a room service waiter in the Four Seasons Hotel (includes many celebrity run-ins. FYI: I won't mention negative stories with names, sorry.)

3. Dunkin Hostel- there is a Dunkin Donuts near me that a selection of... um, people... sell their wares out front or inside on a rainy day. I am pretty positive the wares either fell off a truck or were found on the street. The collections are usually pretty odd and unique, so this is an account of what was on sale that day.

4. Only in NY kids- I'm stealing this title from the old Page 6 from the NYPost and the always fabulous Cindy Adams, but this is just stories that don't fit anywhere else.

Dunkin Hostel

Sale items for the day:

#1- Shampoo, ladies underwear, electric heaters

#2- Scented candels, slippers, extension cords

#3 Calvin Klein Men's underwear, saline solution

#4- Knee braces, Airborne pills, computer monitors

Oh Waiter!

Michael Stipe/ REM

Hotel food is expensive. Sometimes it was embarrassingly expensive. REM was holding a gathering/ meeting in a small suite and they ordered something like 15 large bottles of water.  Now, we only had Evian and they were some ridiculous prices of $20/ bottle. So imagine getting a bill for over $300 for WATER!

Well, Michael Stipe was so nice but legitimatley shocked at the price. He then apologized but said something like "I can't in good conscience pay that price for water I'm sorry".

It was then my turn to apologize and I offered to go to the local bodega and grab some water, which I did, got paid and all were happy. 
He was extremely nice and tipped 
appropriately. CRISIS AVERTED!

Only in NY kids....

Passed a homeless looking man on my walk today, sitting on his walker seat.

HIM:  How about a joke?

Ok I'll bite, so I walk over.

ME:   Sure

HIM: Clean or dirty?

ME: Clean.

HIM: I just bought these sneakers from that drug dealer over there (as he points) I don't know what he gave me but I've ben tripping all morning!

TOTALLY worth the $2!

Oh Waiter!

The Queen: Miss Aretha Franklin

36th Annual Grammy's, 1994 in NYC.  I am working as room service and The Queen herself is staying at the Four Seasons.  She was going to be performing "A Natural Woman" at the Grammys that night. For dinner she ordered a large meal- I remember meat and potatoes of some sort- with a lot of dishes that takes me a while to set up.

I enter her room and she was very nice and says something like "you can just set up in the bedroom, I'm still getting ready". So I go to the bedroom a few small feet from the bathroom where she was getting ready putting on make up or something with the door opened.

As I was already floored by meeting the Queen herself, I am smiling just being in her room and setting up. THEN all of a sudden she starts singing

acapella from the bathroom. I honestly don't even remember what she was singing, but I stood there, already finished setting up and had my own private concert. One of my best memories.

Only In NY Kids

Walking behind two men carrying a black casket down the street next to a church on 97th St. As they proceed to take the casket through the side gate and into what I presume is the basement, they must have seen the look on my face like WTF? One guy says "Oh, this isn't a dead body, we keep our equipment in here". I like a guy that can find multiple uses for items... carry on sir, carry on and praise God.

Oh Waiter!

John Goodman

John Goodman, the massively talented, multi-faceted actor, rented a room at the 4 Seaons's Hotel.  Early evening he places a room service order for a bunch of appetizers.  I go into the room and ask where to set up and he is as nervous and jumpy as a 3 year old.  He asks me to set up in the living room area.  As I am setting up, he tells me that he is having a production meeting or something about a possible movie opportunity and he's a bit nervous. I try to calm him and say he can't go wrong with this spread and he's got this and I leave.


Not even 20 min later I would say we get a rush order for appetizers for Mr. Goodman's room again.  I go back up and he is now in full panic and said something to the effect "I am so sorry, I was so nervous that I ate the ENTIRE TABLE of appetizer. Please, they will be here in a min!"  All ended well with the food, not sure what movie it was but his career obvioulsy didn't get impacted. Nice guy. 

Only In NY Kids

Man walking out of the liquor store carrying two bottles, gets to his wheelchair near the curb, lifts the seat and puts bottles in there and then rides away. Genius, my friend. Now if that seat was a cooler....??? Hmmmm

Oh Waiter!

Mick Jagger

I worked at the Four Seasons Hotel from, I believe, 1993 - 1995-ish. It was brand new and I was a room service waitress. (this was the one on 57th street). My shift was 3pm- 12am.

The top floor of the hotel is one HUGE penthouse and the next floor down is split in two. Two very large suites.

The one suite overlooks Central Park. 

Mick Jagger was staying in that suite and ordered a variety of food to prepare for his family coming to visit. I set up the food and when I handed him the check, I noticed the view for the first time. It was a gorgeous spring day and the view of Central Park was, well, breathtaking. I was mesmerized. So mesmerized that I did not realize that Mick Jagger was trying to give me back the signed check. 

When I "came to" I took the check and blurted out "you are so lucky to see this view everyday". Now it was his turn to be taken aback, first at me for speaking up and then he looked out the window. We just stared at the view together for a few seconds and he said "you are right. I am very lucky".  I thanked him and left.

I'm Walkin' here....

Personally, I hate January in NY. It's cold out, dirty snow, no one outside, and a bunch of dead Christmas trees laying on the tree for pickup. When I saw this picture, it made me smile. A NY'er making the best of the situation. 

Only in NY kids.....

When living in Gramercy Park, I was leaving the Union Square subway station one night during the after work rush hour and stumbled on a truly unique site.

Tons of people blindly walking home and up ahead on what was 17th Street a car literally falls about 1/2 way into a sink hole. People rush over, others call 911 but one gentleman simply stops, takes out his saxaphone and starts playing. Asbestos smoke and the sound of jazz just made this an iconic NY moment. (btw driver was ok too!)



Thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying!  

If you want to learn more about me as an actor/ writer, please visit my webpage:


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